Verizon Phone Plans

    Unlimited Talk/Text

    All phones in Verizon individual plans get unlimited talk and text in the US.

    Single Line Plans

    Verizon offers single line plans with 1 or 2 GB data and unlimited talk/text.
    If you need more data or more devices, see "More Everything Plans" below.

    DataPrice/monthData Overage Price
    2 GB$60$15/1GB

    More Everything Plans

    "More Everything Plans" can have multiple devices which share large data bundles. Scroll down for data pricing.

    Device TypePrice/month
    Smartphone (iPhone, Android)$40
    Feature Phone$20
    Tablet (iPad)$10

    Shared Data

    Verizon plans can share data with other devices by using your phone as a wifi hotspot (no additional charge) or by adding devices to your plan. Data overage fees apply.

    Data Pricing

    DataPrice/monthOverage Price
    250 MB$15$15/200MB
    500 MB$30$15/500MB
    1 GB$40$15/GB
    2 GB$50$15/GB
    3 GB$60$15/GB
    4 GB$70$15/GB
    6 GB$80$15/GB
    8 GB$90$15/GB
    10 GB$100$15/GB


    Prices shown here are with a contract.
    Phones are subsidized and monthly fees are higher than networks that don't have contracts. is not affiliated with Verizon or any other entity for which a logo or name may be present. shows these logos and/or names solely for the purposes of: 1) providing informative details about, 2) selling, and/or 3) facilitating the sale of, goods or services corresponding to a logo or name.