Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

    Monthly Plans

    All Consumer Cellular plans have unlimited talk, text, and data.
    There are 4 different price plans based on the amount of high-speed data.
    All plans include unlimited talk and text to US, Canada, and Mexico phone numbers.

    PriceHigh Speed DataPrice/GB
    $201 GB$20
    $255 GB$5
    $3510 GB$3.5
    $5050 GB$1

    Family Plans

    Adding lines to your plan reduces the monthly price by approximately $10 per line.

    AARP Discount

    AARP members get 5% off the monthly rates.

    International & Roaming

    All plans include unlimited calls and texts to Canada and Mexico phone numbers.
    Calls and texts to other countries have additional per minute and per text fees.
    Roaming outside the US is available. There are additional fees for calls, texts, and data that vary by country.

    No Contract

    Consumer Cellular does not have contracts. You can change plans anytime.
    Phones can be purchased online or at many retailers.
    Prices do not include taxes.
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