AT&T Family Plans

    Device Pricing

    AT&T family plans can have up to 10 devices.

    Device TypePrice/month
    Smartphone (iPhone, Android)$40
    Feature Phone$15 to $20
    Tablet (iPad)$10

    Shared Data

    All devices in an AT&T family plan share data from one bundle.
    There are no unlimited data plans. Data overage fees apply.
    No extra charge for tethering. (using your phone's data connection from other devices)

    Data Pricing

    DataPrice/monthOverage Price
    300 MB$20$20/300MB
    1 GB$25$20/500MB
    2 GB$40$15/GB
    4 GB$70$15/GB
    6 GB$80$15/GB
    10 GB$100$15/GB
    15 GB$130$15/GB
    20 GB$150$15/GB

    Unlimited Talk/Text

    All phones in AT&T family plans get unlimited talk and text in the US.


    AT&T offers plans with or without contracts.
    With a contract, phones are subsidized, but the monthly fees are higher.
    Without a contract, the phone costs more, but the monthly fees are lower.
    If you have your own phone, or don't need to upgrade, the no-contract option is better.
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